PC in English

The aim of Political Catwalk is to get young people to look at politics & democracy in a new way by stimulating them through a special cultural and educational approach, by addressing them to their creative and artistic talents and by having them work intensively with each other and with politicians.

The essence is that young people design fashion for politicians. These politicians then show these outfits on the catwalk during our professional Political Catwalkfashion show. Young people delve into the theme and enter into discussions with the politician for whom they make the design.

Through the project young people, who have no professional fashion background, develop a wide range of skills, such as design, presentation techniques and organizational, they increase their confidence, learn the tricks of the fashion trade and participate in a professional fashionshow.

Political Catwalk is a cultural-educational project where young people are taught a wide range of skills in the form of workshops under the guidance of professionals. The current cultural education approach has been drawn up in collaboration with fashion designer Bas Kosters, Sepehr Magsoudi and fashion institutions.

Political Catwalk is a project of the F6 Foundation. An organization that is committed to teaching young people more about politics & democracy. through culture, such as fashion. The first edition was in 2015 and the second in 2017. We are currently working on a 2019 edition that will be part of celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Votingrights.

The F6 Foundation is always looking for partners to make Political Catwalk as successful as possible!

You can contact our projectleader PC-International Marlon Groenhart or the director of the F6 Foundation Peter Paul Kleinlooh